The Significance of the Number 40

The number 40 is significant with regards to the Torah.

Here are 10 of the special connections of the number 40 to the Torah:

  1. Isaac the second of the forefathers got married to his wife Rivka when he was 40 years old.
  2. Abraham, the first of the forefathers. purchased land in Chevron for burial grounds for his with Sarah. The amount of 400 silver coins was used
  3. Moses was up on the Mount Sinai for 40 days to receive the Torah and its meanings.
  4. The Jews were in the desert for 40 years studying the Torah, before they continued on their way to the land of Israel.
  5. A person will take 40 years to fully and properly understand the depth of the wisdom of his teacher.
  6. The first Temple is Jerusalem stood for just over 400 years.
  7. The second Temple in Jerusalem also stood for just over 400 years.
  8. A kosher “Mikva” must be filled with at least 40 seah of “Mikva Water”. (approximately 500 litres)
  9. There were 40 generations of Rabbis from Moses until Rav Ashi who was the Rabbi who compiled and transcribed the oral Torah.
  10. Here are the names of some of the 40 Torah scholars who were the chain of tradition and law for these 40 generations:
  11.              (1) Moses

                   (2) Joshua

        (3) Pinchas,

        (4) Eli,

        (5) Samuel

        (6) King David

       (7) Achia,

       (8) Elijah the Prophet

       (9) Elisha

    (10) Yehoyada

      (11) Zechariah

      (12) Hosea

      (13) Amos

      (14) Isaiah ……….(15).Micah……… (22) Ezra the scribe……….… (29) Hillel and  Shamai ……
      (35) Rebbi Yehuda the Nassi (the one who compiled the Mishna)…………..(40) Rav Ashi (the one who
    compiled the Talmud).

  • There are 40 levels of descent of the infinite divine energy from on high to our physical and mundane world.