The 13 Principals of Faith

  1. To believe that G-d is the creator of the universe.

  2. To believe that G-d is one. The oneness of G-d is such that He is not like the one person who is comprised of many parts to make one whole. Rather G-d is one in every which way without being one with several components.

  3. To believe that G-d does not have a physical form or body.

  4. To believe that G-d is first and nothing preceded G-d.

  5. To believe that one may pray and beseech to G-d and only G-d, no one else is to be prayed to.

  6. To believe that G-d has communicated with the prophets and ordered the prophets to address the people.

  7. To believe that Moses was the foremost and most qualified of all the prophets.

  8. To believe that the Torah has been given by G-d to the Jewish People. This also includes all of the Talmud which is the authorized explanations of the Torah by our sages in accordance with the instructions given by Moses and passed down from generation to generation.

  9. To believe that the Torah will never be changed. Even the greatest of all prophets such as Elijah does not have the authority to change one iota of the Torah.

  10. To believe that G-d is aware of our thoughts, speech and actions.

  11. To believe that there will be reward for keeping the commandments and consequential punishments for disobeying and not keeping the commandments.

  12. To believe that Messiah will come to redeem the Jewish nation, set them up in the land of Israel and build the third Temple.

  13. To believe that in the end of time the dead will be resurrected.