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We are here to help persons seeking information about converting to Judaism. There are many misunderstandings about what exactly does it mean to be Jewish which naturally leads to confusion about converting to Judaism. 

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Three Converts in the Talmud

The stories of Hillel and Shamai.

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The 13 Principals of Faith

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The Significance of the number 40

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Biblical Timeline

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The 7 Laws Of Noah

The little message of goodness and kindness

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What to know about the convert

The convert plays an important role in Judaism. All the souls of the future converts were at Mount Sinai at the time of the giving of the Torah and the teaching of the Ten Commandments by G-d Himself.

Some of the greatest scholars and leaders of the Jewish People were either children of converts or were converts  themselves. Shmaya and Avtalyan were leaders in the Torah Academy of their day and were part of the chain of the 40 scholars of 40 generations from Moses until the completion of the Talmud. 


Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Meir were both children of converts and were among the leading scholars of the Mishna. 

Our sages said that one of the reasons the Jewish People were destined to go into exile was to find the souls of the converts and bring them into Judaism. We do not look for converts, on the contrary if someone comes to convert we are meant to discourage this person. However, once a person becomes a convert we are obliged to treat them with the utmost of respect. The Torah underscores the command to respect the convert no less than 36 times.  


Who is a Jew?

Rebbe’s Video on Who is a Jew?

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Rebbe’s Letter on Who is a Jew?

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Being Jewish

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The convert wants to know…………

We have answers


There are many Jews who don’t keep anything Jewish, yet the rabbis demand full observance to convert to Judaism. Is that fair?


You have a very good point. Religion, after all, is all about belief. If you believe, you’re in; if not, you’re out. So why can’t anyone who believes in the Jewish religion be considered Jewish—even without the conversion? And why are those who don’t believe and don’t keep any of the Jewish practices still considered Jews? 

That’s what happens when you view the Jewish people through another people’s lexicon—it all looks very puzzling. What, though, if we look at ourselves through our own language, through the original Hebrew?

Who is a Jew?

Israel in the Torah

The significance of Israel in the eyes of the Torah and Jewish belief cannot be overestimated.

The land of Israel is essential to the existence of the Jewish People. 

Israel, especially the city of Jerusalem is called the chosen land and was allotted to the chosen People, the Jewish People, from the dawn of time. 

Rashi, the foremost commentator of the Torah and Talmud, says this in his first comment on the Bible. “Really the Torah should have begun with the verse of Hachodesh which is the first commandment, why does the Torah begin with the narrative of the creation? So that if in future generations the nations of the world will accuse the  Jews of taking another person’s land, we will say the entire world was created by G-d, He created it and gave it to the people of His choice, Jewish People.”


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Interfaith Forum talks religious conversion

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