Being Jewish

This site is designed to help persons seeking information about converting to Judaism. There are many misunderstandings about what exactly does it mean to be Jewish which naturally leads to confusion about converting to Judaism. 

Being Jewish is not a race. If it were a race there would not be the entire concept of conversions. You cannot convert to a different race than the one which you were born into. 

Being Jewish is not a religion per se. If being Jewish was merely a religion and a set of beliefs, then there would not be the need for a laborsome process of conversion. Whoever feels like they agree to such a set of beliefs would then be Jewish. 

Being Jewish is the work of G-d. In the beginning of creation and even before creation G-d desired a place to be His place. This place will be permiated with G-dliness and this place will be achieved through human endeavours. The desired place is the land of Israel and the people of Israel were chosen to execute this plan. The plan is executed by keeping the G-d given commandments, especially in the land of Israel.

 All persons born into the families of Abraham , Issac and Jacob will be the ones called Jews and they were given  the mission of  converting the mundane unto the spiritual and thus causing the presence of G-d to be found and worshipped in the land. 

Therefor for a person not born into the families of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob , in order to become Jewish must do it in the G-d given manner as described in the holy Torah. Anyone not converting in the correct way as ordained in the Torah is only fooling himself. It is therefor imperative for someone involved in helping non Jews to convert to advise them that there is only one way which conversion can happen, and that is according Halacha (Jewish Law) as prescribed in the Shulchan Aruch (Code of Jewish Law).